Friends and family Friday

My brother and his wife drove my sister half-way home on Saturday.
Her daughter, who lives close by her, met them and drove her the rest of the way home.
I wish I could have joined them but I had a class all day on Saturday.

I planted a few pumpkin seeds at the beginning of spring. There have been plenty of flowers but only a few little yellow pumpkins which the neighborhood rabbits have quickly gobbled up. This is the last pumpkin. It’s just a little larger than a softball and I’m going to pick it before the bunnies can get to it.
I didn’t realize when I bought the seed packet that the pumpkins would be yellow.  I won’t buy that kind again. I like the orange kind the best. Call me a purist. 

It’s hard to believe that it will be Autumn in just a few days! 
I put the summer books away and took out a few that I leave out in the Autumn every year. 
I love old books. 

On Monday evening my mum hosted an end of the summer neighborhood gathering in the back yard. 
I came home from work and got to chat and laugh with 5 ladies.
We had some wine, some shrimp and cocktail sauce and some cheese and crackers.
It was lovely!
Just before dark the cooling temperatures drove us all home.

The skies are dark as I drop my husband off at the train station in the morning.
One day I came around the corner on the way home and saw this beautiful star and moon 
Sitting up in the sky. So pretty. 
~ ~ ~


  1. ...when it comes to pumpkins being a purists isn't the in thing. I see more and moe white ones!

  2. I am so excited that fall is on the horizon. It's odd now to be farther east and have it stay dark even later than I am used to in the mornings!

  3. Your night sky photo is beautiful! and your first picture is really good, too. there are two different first days of fall, one is calendar and I think the other is meteorological. Right now we are in between.

  4. Love orange and cream pumpkins but I've never heard nor seen yellow ones!!!

    That doesn't look at all like a star in your night time photo. That looks like a planet! So pretty!

    How fun to come home from work to a party in the backyard!!

  5. Three beautiful smiles!! We planted a few pumpkin plants this year. Got some flowers but no pumpkins!

  6. Orange pumpkins are the real pumpkins. Cinderella would not have ridden in any other.
    Your time with family sounds like it was lovely. And I'm glad your mom has neighborhood friends.

  7. I had no idea bunnies liked pumpkins. There have been so many different kinds of pumpkins in the last few years. I love fall though I don't like getting up in the dark at all! Old books are beautiful! So glad you had some time with family and friends this week.

  8. I love your night sky photo and yes, family time is the best. I didn't grow any pumpkins this year, (boo to the squash bugs) but I will be buying some soon. Nothing like fall! Thanks for linking up and have a great week!


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