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The good

My daughter is expecting again!

She’s due on 31 January!

The random

I made a rather plain spaghetti dinner the other night. 

Only sauce from a jar over some pasta. But, just as we sat down to eat my mum dropped in with 4 delicious fresh lobster tails! She had made lobster rolls for her bridge group and there was leftovers.
No photo but it turned our dinner into something very fancy and delicious.

The fun

Verne and Abigail!

So much fun!


  1. The grandkids get cuter everyday! So fun to get some lobster!

  2. Verne & Abigail are adorable, what a sweet picture! Congratulations on your coming blessing! You can put a bit of cream in spaghetti sauce, it make it better and really creamy.


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