Baby shark...

Happy Fourth of July!

It will certainly be a strange Independence Day this year. Here in Marblehead we normally have a town wide Arts festival with exhibits of writing, drawing, sculpting, painting and photography in various places around old-town. We have music in Crocker park overlooking the harbour day and night for the four day celebration and the local churches sell lobster rolls, chowders, apple pies and strawberry shortcakes. The shops all have sidewalk sales and the restaurants are overflowing with folks out for a bite to eat. There’s even a sand castle competition at Devereaux beach.
This year all is quiet. For the first time in over 50 years there will be no Festival. I’m sure folks all over the country will be missing their celebrations this weekend.

The boatyard still hangs the flag on the crane however. It waves over the harbour and it waves over the pre-revolutionary streets of the little village where I live.

The retail stores finally opened up! I bought myself a new mug in honour of the end of quarantine...or at least the end of phase 2 or 3...I’m not sure which phase we’re in at the moment. I do love my new mug thought. It makes me think of my family and friends that I missed so much over the past few months. It also makes me think of being able to go back to work with the toddlers that I care for. Not only that but it holds plenty of coffee because my first week back at work was tiring!!

I ate my lunch outside on the campus of the school where I work one day this week and I was joined by this little ladybug. I think it may have been one of those other beetles that looks like a ladybug but is actually something else because it was more of an orange-brick type colour. Either was a pleasant and unexpected companion.

And speaking of bugs I happened upon this fellow while watering the garden one morning. He is a parsley worm and with what seems like quite a bit of work and not a little bit of luck, one day he may be a swallowtail butterfly.

My Aunt Carol and my cousin, Colleen, came to visit for a few days. My mum is on the left and my Aunt Carol on the right. They are 85 and 89. My aunt Carol is teaching my mum how to play solitaire with an actual deck of cards...pretty old-school here. I love seeing them together.

I saved the best for last! My husband says this looks like a shark, doo, doo....
My third grandchild is expected on the 31st of January!

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  1. Oh congratulations on the Grandbaby! That was definitely the best news. I hope you can enjoy this weekend even though it will be different.

  2. Congratulations on your new grandchild! Exciting!

    It's so amazing that a parsley worm can transform into a swallowtail butterfly.

    Nice mug! This year will be so different without the usual festivities for the 4th.

  3. oh how fun to have another grandchild on the way!! so will the other two have a sibling or is this a different child?
    your mom does NOT look like she's in her 80s!!! i haven't played solitaire in YEARS!!

    Happy Independence Day!

  4. Congratulations on the new grandchild! You must be thrilled with anticipation.

    Our town's fourth of July event was cancelled, too. But there was plenty of noise as many people decided to celebrate themselves (illegally). I think we would have been better off if the town handled the fireworks and just cancelled the picnic.

  5. How exciting...Congratulations on another grandbaby! Our Canada was pretty quiet. No all day lake festivities and no fireworks. Our street is usually super busy on Canada Day and it was dead quiet. Hardly any traffic, vehicle or foot traffic. Your mom and aunt look amazing for their age!

  6. Oh, the ladybug made my heart sing. I think of Mother Mary when I see a ladybug.
    Your yellow cup is cheerful and perfect for Summertime.



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