The good

My grandchildren spent the weekend with us! 

So. Much. Fun!!

The random

We noticed this rock along the walkway to the town landing.

My granddaughter wanted to carry it home with her but since she’s only one

I distracted her and we walked back home. 

The fun

The little beach around the corner is quite rocky. But, we were there at low tide 

and it’s full of tide-pools!

We saw hermit crabs, regular crabs, and little shrimp.

We watched all kinds of boats and we threw rocks in the water to make big and little splashes!

So much fun!!

They went home last night and all I wanted to do was take a shower and sleep for a month!


  1. So fun to have them for the weekend! Love them with the Pride flag (:

  2. Ohhh... a 1-year-old carrying a rock sounds like a recipe for potentially squished toes! I am glad you had fun with your grandchildren this weekend. They do keep us young, don't they?

  3. You spent a wonderful day with your grand kids. Lovely images!

    Mersad Donko Photography


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