Friends and family Friday

The old town house (1727) is decorated for Independence Day.

Marblehead won’t be having it’s Art’s Festival or fireworks this year but as you can see 

that doesn’t stop us from celebrating!

Snapdragons and cosmos in the front garden beds

The herb garden that I planted back in the early spring has really started coming to life. 
I’ve had to give Buddha a bit of a boost so that he can be seen above the lemon balm and lavender.

The fog was so thick we could not even see to the other side of the harbour.

One of the traditions in our little harbour town is during the summer months the cannons sound at sunrise and sunset. There are 4 or 5 yacht clubs here in town (though our harbour doesn’t hold many yachts and certainly no big ones, we’re mostly sailboats and lobster/fishing boats.) The  Boston yacht club, which is just around the corner from us, begins with the first cannon fire and then the Corinthian and the Eastern, which are on the neck (just across the harbour) answer back. There are 2 smaller yacht clubs (The peon and the Marblehead) also fire. It’s a way of letting all boaters know that sunset is coming and it’s time to think about heading in for the day. 
Joe and I took a walk to the town landing one foggy evening and got there just as the cannons sounded. 

My mum’s sister came to visit for a few days with her daughter. She’s the oldest at 89 and my mum the youngest at 85. Their eldest sister, my aunt Mamie, died about 5 years ago. 
Everyone is always amazed at what great shape they are in. 


  1. Cannon fire! I love that tradition!

  2. Those cannons must be something to hear!

  3. Shame about the fog but lovely picture of your visitors. I don't think I'd mind the cannons going off at sunset but sunrise? Currently before 5 am here so no thanks lol

  4. How nice to have your mom around! they both look wonderful! i hope i look that good at that age!
    the cannon fire must be really neat to hear. we just love Boston. I hope to get there the end of August after we drop off our youngest to UNH. it's been over a year since we've been.
    Happy Weekend!

  5. The cannon tradition is such a great idea. I imagine it's fun to be there to hear them.


  6. The old town house looks so festive. I love yellow with red, white and blue.

  7. I love the foggy days at the beach. We get the fog moving in most evenings during this season and we're about 12 miles inland. Love it!
    You are right. Your mom and aunt do not look in their mid/late eighties! Great genes!
    I'd love to hear the cannons firing!

  8. I keep telling myself I'm going to plant a herb planter on the deck and every year I forget until someone posts some lovely pictures of their herb garden. Cannon fire goes off every day at sunrise? I' not sure my night owl self would like that. My version of that is the crazy magpie that thinks the world needs to get up when it does at dawn. Your foggy day pic looks lovely!


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