Friday friends and family

My sister had to get some medical scans done in Boston and stayed with us for about a week.

She has drop-foot due to side effects from radiation and is using a walker. We were able to walk 

around the corner to the harbour and sit on a bench for a bit before walking back home.

It was the first time she had ventured out for a walk since February or March.

She is absolutely the bravest person I’ve ever seen. I cannot believe all she has been through 

and never complains.

I had my grandchildren at my house over night while my sister was here.

I knew it would bring us all such joy to be with them.

We walked to the beach of an afternoon.

We walked up to Crocker park of a morning.

And, we walked to the harbour a few times as they both loved it.

I didn’t bring them into any stores or around a lot of people.

Verne wasn’t even disappointed about not being able to go to our favourite toy store.

The back garden is looking quite pretty, if I do say so myself. 

Both my mum and I have worked very hard in it. 

It’s just the first year so there are spots that we will improve on next year. 

It’s as if we are getting to know it.

I work at a Montessori school that goes from infants to 8th graders.

We did a drive-by for the children in the toddlers program where I work on Friday. 

We gave the children a last day of school gift and took some pictures!

It was a little funny with all of us in masks but it was a lot of fun 

and so nice to see the children after such a long time.

On Wednesday I drove my sister to meet her fiancé at the half way mark between her house and ours.

We stopped and went out for an early dinner at the Publick House in Sturbridge, MA.

We hadn’t been out to eat since the beginning of the pandemic and it was a wonderful treat.

They had an outdoor tent set up and they sat everyone well apart.

For the past two weeks we’ve had a very nice gentleman in our backyard creating a patio for us.

He is a handyman and does small odds and ends kind of jobs for people.

This was the first patio he had ever done and it came out wonderfully!

Friday fave fives

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  1. How wonderful to see your sister and get to eat out in Sturbridge. I've only been to Sturbridge once.....late last summer actually...we went to that Sturbridge Village Historic place. Super fun. I'm guessing that's closed right now though.

    the pic of your garden is so pretty!!

    Yay for your grandchildren bringing you some joy.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your garden is so pretty! What are those blue flowers?

    I'm glad for the time you had with your sister. She does sound very brave.

    The parade sounds fun!

  3. Loved your pic of your back garden!

    Best wishes to your sister during her medical struggles. May everything turn out well.

  4. I'm sure you will enjoy your patio. I hope it has a nice view of your gardens. The flowers are so pretty! How fun to have the grandkids with you. I'm really looking forward to seeing mine when they arrive tomorrow. Wishing your sister good health. She sounds like a brave person.

  5. How lovely to have your grandchildren with you and to spend time with your sister. It must have been good to eat out. We still can't do that here in London. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  6. Nice that you were able to have your sister stay with you and to have the grandkids too. Where you ate out looks like a nice place. Hubby is not yet comfortable eating out but we have finally gotten take out a few times. The flowers in the garden look lovely.

  7. SO many wonderful things this week! Your beautiful garden, your beautiful sister, your beautiful grandchildren!
    We haven't eaten IN a restaurant yet, but we've gotten take out a few times.
    Have a great week!


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