Walking wild on Wednesday

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Grape hyacinths are in bloom against the stone wall. 

They are ever so bright and quaint.

Just over the other side of the wall, in the neighbors yard

Purple phlox are in blossoming all about

I’ve put some pansies in the window box on the back stair landing and this sweet little mourning dove came for a visit. She was there for the entire afternoon. We thought perhaps she might be looking for a place to lay her eggs but she left at dusk and except for an occasional visit she hasn’t been back. 

I have put my feet up on the the edge of the raised herb bed. I’ve a cup of tea in my hand and I am enjoying the fruits of my labours. 

It’s still quite cool here in our New England home. We had snow just last Saturday although it didn’t stick to the ground or accumulate to anything. It was just enough to kill off the few annuals I had put out in pots...too early. 

This week promises to be warmer though. My mum and I met both of my daughters at a garden nursery on Mother’s Day. I purchased some beautiful and unique geraniums and she bought a lot of perennials. I will be helping her with getting the garden beds ready and planting.

I met a friend for a walk through an old state park last week. It is a place that was once a family estate and was gifted to the town. We came across these beautiful daffodils along a field leading to what was once formal gardens.

We also came across these ferns still all fiddled up.

They were all fuzzy and looked like some kind of swamp monsters coming up out of the forest floor. 

Have you been able to get out any place in your communities? 

Wild could be your own backyard or an open lot down the road.

Even a tame and formal garden could be a little wild if you look at it closely enough.

Walk a little on the wild side with me? 

Share a post of whatever natural world you get to see from where ever you are.

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  1. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't be out in the garden watching and paying attention. Lovely photos...it snowed here too....Michelle


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