In my mother’s garden

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

My mother has taught me many things. 
I learned about gardening through her
And I learned about love and friendship. 

This is a bleeding heart plant which grows in the garden of my mum’s best friend, Betti. 
Betti passed away some years ago. She and mum had been friends since their college days. 
Our families grew up together and walked the wooded path between our houses, and went to Gracies beach together, and to McDonald’s back in the day when there was only one McDonald’s and it was three towns away. All ten children and my mum and Betti would climb into an old station-wagon and make the drive together. 

Betti’s children use her big old house as a vacation home now. Most of them live out of state. 
We happened to be walking past the other day and I noticed that the Bleeding Heart was in bloom.

Gardens are a special thing and the garden of a friend even more so.

~ ~ ~


  1. beautiful flowers, gardens are indeed special places, specially at the moment when we're kept at home so much of the time

  2. One of my favorite spring blooms.

  3. What a sweet story, and I love how memories and friendships are often tied to the things that grow in our gardens.

  4. Isn't it amazing how flowers can evoke such wonderful memories? Thanks for sharing a little slice of your childhood with us.

  5. I have one of those plants too; I just love those pretty pink blooms.

  6. Such a lovely bleeding heart. And such dear, sweet memories it has evoked for you.


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