Growing seeds of love

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Early morning in the morning with coffee in hand

I slip on my boots and step downstairs to check on the garden.

Last summer we moved into the second floor apartment
above my elderly mum who moved into the first floor apartment.

Almost upon arrival we began to plan the garden.
My mum grows beautiful roses and I mentioned that I would love to have a rose in the garden.

Quick as a minute she had one planted.
She doesn’t remember what the name of it is
but it matters not since she refers to it as Kara’s rose.

At first I thought that my husband and I would be close by her in case she needed something.

But at 57 I am fully convinced that there will never be a time when I don’t need my mum.

There are quite a few buds but this is the one that will blossom first.
Oh so early in the morning I look to see how far along it has come
later in the morning, when she’s woken up, mum comes outdoors to see as well.

When I was younger, I didn’t like geraniums very much.

So manageable and staid at the front of all the little houses in my home town.

But somewhere along the way, I began to love their cheery, true-hearted disposition.

Pots full of geraniums found their way onto my porches and window boxes.

Pink, white, coral, and red coloured flowers with foliage of dark, bright, and silvery greens.

Always optimistic and forgiving.

Qualities I seem to value more and more as I step toward my sixties.

I am ever so grateful for this time I get to spend with my mum

and the things I am gleaning from her

about getting older and building a garden.

~ ~ ~

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  1. Really beautiful words. I agree with you, we never grow to old for our moms.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Beautiful! And you are right that you never stop needing your mom. Love your garden.

  3. love love love geraniums!

    and those gardening boots!

  4. Beautiful words and what a gift for both you and your mom that you can be living together in this season

  5. A delightful post, I love roses especially deep dark red ones, they're my all time favorite flower. How lovely to be near your Mum!

    You're most welcome to join me in a cuppa at Tea With Jennifer,
    Bless you,

  6. There is nothing better than taking a morning tour of the garden, with coffee in hand! I love that you and your mom can share the garden together! This makes me smile! Thank you for sharing with us at Charming Homes and Gardens Link Party. Pinned!

  7. Oh, I love this for so many reasons. I am also 57 and I still need my mother. She passed in 2010 so this year will be 10 years that I've been without her here. It seems unreal still. But she is still part of who I am, and I am grateful for that. She loved flowers too. I am continuing the tradition. I'm glad you are as well, above your mom. Glad you linked up at Grace & Truth!


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