Family Friday

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The Allium that mum planted in the Autumn are just about to blossom!

They stand so stately and tall against the garden wall. 


This is the small area where I sit to drink my morning coffee. The wisteria is blooming and it looks so pretty from the window in our conservatory. In the morning it beckons me so that even if I have to put on a sweatshirt and a vest I can’t help but go out into the garden and the morning sunlight. 

My son-in-law is re-sanding and painting the old flag pole in the their front yard.

He had a friend help him replace the old eagle that sits at the top after he repainted it gold.

My grandson, Verne, likes to swing as high a the trees!

My granddaughter, Abigail, had a dance-off party with me in the back yard! 
Look at that delicious, apple and home-made cookie filled belly!

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  1. This whole post just shimmers with loveliness.
    Life is good--even in a pandemic.

  2. Sweet list of blessings. A back yard dance party!! So fun!!!

  3. What beautiful views. Love the dance party!

  4. Aww lucky you to have a dance party. And such a nice spot in the garden for your morning coffee. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Oh your grandchildren are adorable!
    I love your morning breakfast spot. I'd love to sit there in the mornings, too.
    Have a safe and happy weekend!

  6. Lovely little garden area. Looks very peaceful and inviting. The grandkids are cute as can be! Brave guys getting on the big ol' scaffolding to repaint the pole.

  7. Such a lovely list! Your grandchildren are so adorable. Children remind us to let go and celebrate the outdoors. Love the dance party:)


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