Family Friday

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I was able to see Verne and Abigail outside in their yard again!
I’m so happy we are able to do this.
I will be even happier when we get to hug each other again. 


I met my friend at a state park which lies just between the two of us. We walked for almost 4 miles and were able to catch up with one another. It was wonderful. 

Ferns are unfurling at the house down the road.

My mum and I took a drive on Mother’s Day to meet both of my daughters at one of our favourite garden centers. My daughter gifted me with these self-portraits that Verne and Abigail made for me. Bonnie traced each child onto a paper bag and then they decorated themselves. Bonnie helped Abby with hers since she’s only 1. The poem on the back was so sweet and appropriate for the quarantine.

I hung them on my washer and dryer so that I will be able to see them all the time. 
I will treasure them for all time.

A friend got a new bed and gifted us with her old one. We had been using a Hollywood bed frame which had no head or footboard and was very squeaky.
It’s so comfortable and pretty. 
~ ~ ~

During the world-wide quarantine we are all missing our family and friends. Please feel free to share a post about your family or friends. It can be an old one if you haven’t been able to see them in a while.

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  1. Nice week of blessings!
    I love walking in our state parks here in the NY capital region but tomorrow I'm headed to the taconic hills ( the trail crosses between NY, MA and VT!). I'd rather be headed to the Adks but it's black fly season upvthere so i don't climb up there untilvend of June.
    That paper bag activity is cute and i did a similar thing when i had five students in a language group last autumn. There've been so ,amy cute poems and ideas for quarantine on Pinterest!

    Enjoy the weekend!!

  2. oh wow so very exciting at your place thanks for making my life fun as well come see us at

  3. I love those self portraits! SO cute.


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