Family Friday

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The moon was awful pretty one night. I woke to find it shining in through the window on me as I slept. The bedding was all lit up with moon beams. I grabbed my camera and leaned out the window to take a picture.

I have an iPhone 11pro and I am in love with the camera!
I’ve always chosen iPhone over the Android but I’ve never been happy with the iPhone camera until now.
Also, I should say that I live in a very old harbour town in Massachusetts. The street I live on is just wide enough for one car to drive up and there are no sidewalks or even front yards. The house I live in was once owned by John Merritt who fought in the revolutionary war.
So, if you’re wondering why my neighbor’s house looks so’s because it is that close. 


Tuesday afternoon at Crocker park.
It was a little bit too windy for the back garden but perfect for nestling in the rocks, basking in the sunshine and watching the harbour.
This is one of my very favourite parks and it’s just around the corner from my house.

I planted bean seeds in a glass jar with damp paper towels. 
It’s such a miracle to see them like this!

This was my breakfast one morning this week.
Coffee and a Nestle crunch bar in the back yard. It was delicious!

My husband and I, along with my brother, sister-in-law and their dog, walked out to Gerry island at low tide. I hadn’t been out there since my daughters were young. It was lots of fun and just around the corner from home. 

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  1. Isn't it wonderful to have some extra time for walks and sitting in nature??

    We've always had iPhones too and my new one is a iPhone 8 something and the camera is marvelous!!!!!
    Great shot of that moon!!

    Happy Mother's Day weekend!

  2. Love the moon picture and sounds like you had a good week.

  3. Your breakfast looks a lot like mine some days. I call it my "poor woman's mocha latte." A little chocolate with my coffee and I'm a happy camper. Your town sounds charming. Happy Mother's Day!

  4. We've seen some Colonial-era houses squeezed close together like that. I've often thought the inhabitants could borrow a cup of sugar through their windows without leaving the house. :-) I like a bit more space than that between neighbors, but I imagine that's hard o come by there, at least in some parts of town.

    Looks like you had some beautiful outings. I thought the bean plant was a snake at first, when I just saw the top of it. :-D It is amazing how they grow.

  5. You must live in a wonderful little bay town. Old narrow streets and parks by the bay and walking areas all sound wonderful.
    Morning coffee on the deck sounds so inviting!
    Happy Mother's Day to you (yesterday).

  6. Well I'm thinking I like your breakfast and might just have to copy it one morning! How fun you took a walk you haven't been on for so long. I was thinking as you described how close the house next door is it sounds like some of the old neighborhoods around here but also some of the newer ones seem to have not a lot of distance between the houses either. Blue water, blue sky and a cozy blanket seems perfect.


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