Puddle stomping rain boots


The fun is walking to the market in the rain!

We hadn’t been out of doors all day and my husband and I were getting a bit cabin bound in our tiny flat. So..we donned our rain gear and walked around the corner to buy some salmon and asparagus for dinner. I had forgotten how fun it was to step in puddles with boots on. 
And, dinner was delicious!


I went for a picnic in the yard with my grandchildren on Saturday. It was the one nice day sandwiched between lots of cold and rainy days. 

The good.


The random...

I bought an iPhone 11pro....
Strictly for the camera. 

I love iPhone and I’m not an Android fan but I’ve always wished that iPhone had a better camera. 
Now they do! The picture above isn’t edited at all. It’s right out of the iPhone 11pro camera!
And, the picture of my granddaughter is right out of the camera as well. 
It has a telephoto lens as well as a wide lens.

I’m so happy I have it.



  1. I never realized how important the quality of a camera is until I started trying to capture images on my Android phone.
    I'll be puddle jumping today, because I just can't bear to stay inside.

  2. It's been so dreary but I love walking in the rain.
    Those flowers are so pretty!!


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