Hanging around town


Here are a few signs from the little seaside village where I live.

We are all looking forward to when it is safe enough to go out shopping again.

Until then, we stay safe inside and try to support our local businesses. 

Even the children have gotten involved by hanging signs in their windows for passers by to see.

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Little things Thursday


  1. I love finding little things around Brookline, too!

  2. ...I don't get out much these days, but I have seen signs giving thanks for all the the essential workers out there. When this crisis passes if we can remember the goodness in others, that will be the silver lining of this tragedy!

  3. My windows are too far away from the road for others to see, but I'm definitely appreciating all the little efforts people are making to encourage one another.

  4. Be brave, be kind, be strong is always a welcome sign to see. We need it even more now than ever!

  5. love your window signs and the inspiration they provide

  6. Love these! My kids drew pictures to put in our front window too.

  7. The children's window is precious. They always brighten our days by doing wonderful things.


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