A mourning dove


We’ve had this sweet little visitor to our window box.

She spent most of the afternoon with us yesterday! Perhaps she was looking for a place to lay her eggs. She wasn’t frightened of us in the least. We stood at the door looking right at her and she never flew away. Perhaps she was looking for a bit of lunch. Perhaps she was wondering where we’ve been and if we will be getting back to “normal” anytime soon.
 She was there for hours and hours and when I checked after dark she had left.

~ ~ ~


  1. such a sweet picture. we have a pair of mourning doves in one of our cherry trees in the front yard. They're always singing us awake.

  2. Birds are so mysterious to me. Some are skittish and nervously checking even as they eat at our feeder. Others just seem to know we are on their team!

  3. I wonder if there is a nest in your window box. Maybe sometime she is not there you could peek? We had a finch build a nest in one of our hanging planters one year. I was always torn between watering the plants to keep the plants alive or letting them die to keep the baby birds alive. I opted to keep the baby birds alive.

  4. when I lived in S Florida I had lots of doves visiting my yard and loved to hear them coo

  5. I hear the doves cooing but I don't see them. She seems to be a sign of peace.


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