Family Friday

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In Massachusetts the schools, both public and private,  have been closed since the 16th.

I work in a private Montessori school so this has given me quite a bit of time off.

I have tried to go for a long walk at least once a day.

Yesterday I saw a tree just beginning to blossom out.

Happy Spring!

Tucker Huckleberry Finn’s schedule hasn’t been affected by the stay-home orders.

Tuesday I took a ride to my daughter’s house. 

I got to do some painting with my favourite littles!

Wednesday they started running all public transportation on a Saturday schedule.

My husband’s job is essential personnel and he takes the bus and subway to work.

We have only one car...

So...since the school I work at has been closed till 7 April 

I have been driving him to the closest subway stop where his co-worker picks him up.

I stopped at the beach on the way home one day to capture this beautiful sunrise. 

I hope you all had a very happy St. Patrick’s day!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I thought now might be a nice time to resurrect my Family Friday meme.

Most of us are under orders to stay home so we will be spending

Quite a bit of time with our families. 

Join below if you are so inclined.  


  1. Good things there to be grateful for in these difficult times.

  2. What is Family Friday?? I'd love to join!!

    That is one gorgeous Sunrise!!!!

    Love your blessings list in the craziness of this week.

    Have a healthy safe weekend!!

  3. Beautiful sunrise and cute picture of the grandkids. Daycares and schools are closed here but small dayhomes are still open. It's a struggle each day to try and figure out what to do. On the one hand you want to be there for your clients yet on the other hand it's better to be distanced.

  4. Our daughter lives in Holiston and we are grateful that her husband is working from home... She is homeschooling and with her daughters in French Immersion, she has her hands full! Sty safe and healthy to you and your's!

  5. Painting with the little ones is a blessing. I am overjoyed when I see my grandkids.


  6. Glad you got to see your little people, and what a gorgeous sunrise.

  7. Oh that sunrise over the ocean photo is wonderful!
    Because St Patrick's Day is my birthday, I love shamrocks plants! Yours is lovely.
    Enjoy this extra time off and take lots of walks!


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