one day in the garden

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

daisies on the kitchen table

buttercups at the edge of the fields

dandelions in the clover

zinnias in cutting gardens

bee balm by the wooden fences and wild vetch interspersed

though there is snow on the ground still...and more predicted yet

I can feel warm spring days and flowers calling to me.

Flowers are like old friends - family you don't always get to see

Every year you wait anxiously for the signs of their arrival

walking past the tiny green shoots

and then one day they arrive

bobbing their colourful heads and filling the air with their sweet fragrance

as if to say...yes we missed you too and isn't it nice to see you again

after such a long, dormant winter.


  1. I think the northeast is a ways off from seeing some pretty blooms any time soon!!! But i also love it when they begin to shoot out of the's hoping by mid April that will happen!!

  2. I, too, have been thinking about the wonderful things we have in store when it comes to flowers and warm spring days! I can hardly wait to get out and dig around in the dirt a bit.

  3. Beautiful flowers, and what a nice thought - greeting them like old friends or family that we look forward to seeing. It's been cold this week, but we're still seeing signs of spring.

  4. They are wonderful, and I adore wildflowers! I do not like it when Phil mows down the dandelions. These really do have a spirit of simplicity, yet are just as gorgeous to me as the big cultured flowers.

  5. Lovely flowers! We have daffodils in bloom as well as a few others in the garden. Definitely feels like spring.

  6. YES! I love the flowers, too! My post today has lots of spring flowers. We are all so ready for spring!

  7. Lovely images that give me the hope of Spring. We are still covered in snow here and as I type snow is gently falling...again. :) Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  8. Thank you for the dose of Springtime!

  9. Nice pictures. Can't wait to the time when the flowers will start to show here


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