Keeping Sabbath

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A clean heart create in me, O God

and a steadfast spirit renew within me.

Psalm 51


  1. Not sure what to call the sentence structure for this rendering of the verse you shared, but it sure gets my attention more than the traditional "create in me a clean heart . . " (Maybe it's because it reminds me of Yoda?)
    Putting the object of the request first:
    clean heart
    steadfast spirit
    reminds me that the process is really up to Him, not me. Right now, to be honest, I'm not liking the process, but this verse helps me to lean in to the result and to submit to the journey.
    Blessings to you!

    1. This is from the NAB. It reminded me of Yoda as well and I laughed a bit. I also almost pulled out one of my other bibles before I posted it. I have been praying this verse in the morning for years. It keeps me both grounded and open. But, I've always prayed it the other way because I've always read it the other way. I love having different versions of bibles around me because I can dive deeper into the verse and glean more from the scripture if I read it in different ways.

  2. Finally, a picture of you! It IS you, right? Joyful!

    1. Yes it is me! But it's from a very long time ago now. I'm not even sure I am that same girl anymore.

  3. A great prayer to start each day!

  4. This is such a cool picture. How pretty you look.



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