Family Friday

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This is the past two weeks.

I missed it last week. 

I picked up some Irish soda bread and a shamrock plant at the market last weekend.

The bread wasn't very good but the Oxalis is quite pretty.

I may make some of my own Irish bread this weekend. 

Joe and I will both be 56 this year.

I think he looks pretty jaunty as he gets ready to take the trash out.


I brought our old cheesebox guitar to work today for the toddlers to mess around with.

Joe tuned it on the subway on the way in.

On the way home there was a 9 alarm fire in the New England Casket Co.

It shut down the subway system and stretched our 1 hour commute into over 3!

Fortunately there was only 1 injury of an officer who was treated and released.

Tucker in the evening sunlight.


  1. A nice list of faves minus the fire! Happy Spring!!

  2. I loved reading about your week. Your photos are beautiful and so are your words! I bet the toddlers enjoyed playing with the guitar. My middle son keeps his guitar here, even though he has moved away. My grandsons (his nephews) always enjoy fooling around with it.

  3. No soda bread or shamrocks, but I did pick up a corned beef and cooked it with cabbage. Our grandson and 2 little ones joined us for a Sunday after church meal and there were no leftovers (that boy can eat!). :) I guess I'll have to see if I can still find one if I want that corned beef sandwich. LOL

  4. I love Irish Soda bread, but I have to confess I have never bought it in the store. Either my husband or I make it here at home. I love the Shamrock plant...I need to try and find one because I love their delicate bloom! So sorry to hear about the 9-alarm fire at the New England Casket Company!

  5. The picture of the fire and the train tracks is amazing. Tucker is so pretty! How old is he? Do you play guitar? I think 56 is a good age to be. I am 70, and wish I was that age again!

  6. I haven't had Irish soda bread since college when a classmate made it. I keep thinking I'll try to make it and keep chickening out. :-) I did make corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day, and it turned out fine. What an awful fire! I'm sorry for the officer who was injured but glad just one person was.

  7. As always, your photos are fabulous. What software do you use? I used to edit mine with Picasa, and I loved the pencil sketch feature. But now that it's no longer available, I'm not sure where to go for that. Any ideas? I missed baking Irish soda bread this year. I guess there's still time though, right?

  8. That fire sounds scary! Praise God there wasn't more injuries or even fatalities. I made Irish Soda bread one year for St. Patrick's Day. As I recall it wasn't difficult. Tucker is gorgeous in that light

  9. That is a very nice picture of Tucker in the evening light. I like that one. : )



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