18 March

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the random

There was a terrible 9 alarm fire in an East Boston business on Friday afternoon.

The 1 hour commute home took over 3 hours!

Thankfully, there was only 1 injury.

the good 

I picked up some Oxalis (Clover) for Saint Patrick's day

and we will have Irish boiled dinner this evening.

the fun

We went to see Joey play in an All Star tournament on Saturday!


  1. Every once in a while I miss the bleacher life! Maybe the grands will play basketball when they are old enough?

  2. That fire was NUTS! So glad only 1 person was hurt.

  3. Goodness, this first picture is amazing and startling! So good that only one was hurt. So this is a Shamrock, right? So pretty. We have some purple ones growing at the side of the house.

  4. I'm sorry about the fire in the Boston area. This photo really shows the details of it. How exciting to see the All Star Tournament. I remember those basketball games well.



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