a rhythm of home

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Do not let your hearts be troubled.

Believe in God, believe also in me.

John 14

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February brings the rain
thaws the frozen lake again

Sara Coleridge

she lived in Cumberland, England, where it is quite possible

that February brought the rain

but here on this rather tiny island on the north shore of Boston

while February may bring rain, it also brings snow, sleet and ice

lakes will not be thawing till the end of the month ... at soonest.

even the Atlantic tide is rolling up slushy and almost frozen.


Winter continues to lay it's siege upon us

we encircle our home with warm cozy blankets, movies on the telly,

piles of books upon the nightstands, music playlists at the ready,

scrumptious suppers filling the house with heavenly aromas

hearty soups on the burner and cat naps in the low light of an afternoon.

Our cat, Tucker, is curled up purring on my lap as I type

and the dawn has not yet begun to fill the sky with colour

though I can see the it turning from black to dark indigo

just outside the window now.


Of a late afternoon we went to Joey's basketball game 

came home at dusk

 spaghetti for dinner at the kitchen table

 beeswax candle at the center and the sun setting low over the Atlantic

 just outside the window

Saturdays are the colour blue and the scent of frankincense

 cornbread in the oven 

laundry was folded and put away earlier in the day

floors were swept and washed

beds made with fresh linens

errands run


she looketh well to the ways of her household

Oh...and I should mention that the Patriots won the superbowl lastnight...again

That's 6 for those who are counting.

~ ~ ~


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  2. Yes, we celebrated the Patriots last night after having celebrated a young man turning 17 the day before. Needless to say, I will be sweeping and washing floors today!

  3. You make your winter sound magical. Calming, beautiful, and cozy.

  4. yesterday was gorgeous, wasn't it?!

    so good to get out and walk again.


  5. This is a very special verse, and I needed it tonight...thank you. I always love seeing snippets of your home. The green chair and blanket photo is charming. It's really cold here too, and we've got a lot of rain!

    Bundle up and stay warm. Your cornbread sounds Yummy.



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