The ladies

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Though I cannot say it is a particularly flattering picture

of any of these beautiful ladies, I love it just the same.

The women in my family...excluding me, my sister, and my niece...

it is my mum, my daughter Hannah, holding my brand new

granddaughter, Abigail Rose, and my daughter Bonnie (Abigail Rose's mother.)

Four generations of women in my family.

Four generations of love.


  1. Just a moment to share for the times that are coming. One of the first but undoubtedly not one of the last. Nice one.

  2. Lovely! It is so great to have four generations together.... I treasure those moments as well, especially now that I’m the oldest one! Every moment is a gift! (My granddaughter has all boys, so no four-gen picture of all girls, but that doesn’t matter ... we love them!)

  3. A picture so full of love. You are so totally blessed. And babies always seem to bring families even closer together.

  4. All photos are wonderful, and this one is great because you can see from the expressions...all eyes are on that adorable new bundle. So cute. :)

  5. Beautiful photo. My first grandchild is due next month. I'll need photos some four generation photos, too: my mother, my son, my grandson, and me.

  6. Oh, and thank you for linking up over at Life on Chickadee Lane!

  7. So sweet! Congratulations on the new grand baby. We have number seven due soon!


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