Sunday morning coming down

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My kitchen is for dancing.

And, on weekends in the cooler seasons

I almost always have a pot of soup on the back burner.

Sunday I made a pot of butternut squash soup

ladles full of it in mason jars to bring to work on Monday.

Lettuce, tomato and fresh carrots to snack on

tossed into a lunch box as well.


jammie toast for breakfast

with a soft boiled egg


cupan tae

watching the quiet dawn out the back window while I sit at my old desk

Sunday morning coming down and me sipping slow

~ ~ ~


  1. Hello, your kitchen images are lovely. Soup on these cold days is one of my favorite things. Have a happy day and a great new week ahead!

  2. Of courser I love the title because I love the song. Great enery for a Monday

  3. Your writing is like reading a good, comfortable book. I love these bowls!

  4. I had a grin on my face from the first line of this post - do you know we have a sign in our kitchen that says "This Kitchen is for Dancing"? It was a gift from our son a couple of Christmases ago!!! Your prose is delightful - I can feel the vibe of Sunday morning coming down … thanks for joining Mosaic Monday!

  5. Oh, I have that same cup from Poland. It's one of my favorite cups, not too heavy, not too big. Your butternut squash soup sounds really good. I was craving soup lately, and had a bowl of creamy broccoli last weekend. : ) I love seeing the charming items in your house.


  6. Fantastic post with lovely words and pictures.


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