plain and simple

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The dining room is plain and simple in January.

A vase of coral coloured roses graces the bureau.

The whale is a copper weather vane that once topped the roof of my mum's house.

We have the sea beyond the windows. 

Dawn and twilight fill the room with resplendent light.

And in the evening if there's company the conversation sparkles.

~ ~ ~


  1. Oh my! Farmhouse chic! In a way, it reminds me of the old Shaker rooms. And what a great idea to use the whale as indoor decoration! I just love everything about it. Now I want to see each of your rooms! You really ARE one hip chick.

  2. Love that weather vane!

  3. Simplicity is undervalued by many. I love this shot - I'd feel quite welcome there.
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  4. Sometimes plain and simple is the best and much needed for the soul. Have a lovely week.

  5. I have an identical twin sister to that beautiful bowl holding court front and center of your dining room table. Isn't it lovely that something so simple can be both lovely to look at ... and be put to so many good uses ...

  6. Love this glimpse into your cozy home. Whenever the ocean is outside the window, everything else plays second fiddle.

  7. Your "plain and simple" dining room is perfectly lovely. It looks so cosy and inviting, I've put myself in the picture!

  8. I wish I got more light in my kitchen. My bedroom actually gets the most sunlight during the day. I always plan on looking at your post of the day, but end of seeing many previous posts. What can I say, they are filled with beauty and make me smile. : )



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