I have a dream

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the good

It seems as if we should be further along than we are.

Sometimes it feels as if we aren't making any headway at all.


the random

Even Tucker enjoyed the snowy weekend.

taking his little catnaps here and there and everywhere.

He loves it when we are all home together.


the fun

Kitchens are my favourite places to spend stormy snow days.

Sunday: beef stew
Monday: beef tenderloin, baked potatoes, salad
Tuesday: turkey egg roll in a bowl, rice
Wednesday: penne with homemade sausage tomato sauce, salad
Thursday: honey/curry chicken in the crock-pot, broccoli, rice
friday: date night
Saturday: leftovers

~ ~ ~


  1. Because of the snow, my family got cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

  2. Stay warm today! I bet you have gorgeous icy views out by the water!

  3. Hello, there are times I feel we are going backwards instead of forward. So much has been lost lately. Love your sweet Tucker and pretty mosaic. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  4. I love the Martin Luther King quote. It's a good one. Your home is charming, and you have a way with decorating. I hope the new year is being king to you.


  5. Your dinners always sound so good! Our cat loves it the best when we are both home, too. Tucker is so pretty! Your kitchen really does show a spirit of simplicity, so uncluttered and lovely. I agree with you about this quote. The world just seems to get more and more hateful and evil.

  6. He was was such a wise man, taken too soon. - Margy

  7. Your menu for the week, yummmm. I tell myself to hate a person is to give power to that person. It's the easy way out to not address the person's behavior and actions. So I tell myself.

  8. Thank you for honoring Dr King. It does now seem as if we have taken two backward steps for every former one forward, .. Your kitchen collage is so pretty! And warm and welcoming. And your menu plan gave me some good ideas....sometimes I just draw blanks when it comes to planning.

  9. I agree that it feels as if we are going quickly in reverse … but I appreciate your quote as an attitude adjustment - I refuse to be brought low! Tucker is adorable - our old girl Maggie likes to lie on the vents for warmth … Your honey-curry chicken sounds delicious right about now - I'm off to the kitchen to find a little taste of something. Thank you SO much for joining Mosaic Monday this week!

  10. You have a cute kitchen. And I really like the Martin Luther King quote.


  11. I feel that way, too, sometimes. That suddenly, we seem to be going backwards.


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