Family Friday

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I stumbled across the perfect duvet over the weekend.

Our bedroom gets quite hot so we needed something that's not too heavy.

I have put away all the Christmas and left the dining room

plain and simple.

In the early morning the market was quiet and unhurried

I happened upon some beautiful roses that were marked down for quick sale

They look lovely on the bureau with my grandmother's glassware.

My sister was here over the weekend.

She wanted to see sweet Abigail Rose.

We all had dinner together at my mum's house with my brother and his fiance

and Sadie as well.

Sadie used to be Holly's dog but she gave her to my brother and his fiance

when she had to move.

While I was in the line at Marshall's I saw this wonderful unicorn mug.

I really don't need another mug but I bought it anyway.

It makes me think of spring...and hippies.

Sweet little Abigail Rose was one month old on Thursday!


  1. I have a weakness for mugs. I have a lot, but can't resist buying more when I see ones i love. I would buy this unicorn one for sure! Your home is so lovely! I like everything about it. I think an uncluttered life is good for the soul.

  2. This is such a nice list of favorites for the week. It's nice to have the house less cluttered after the holiday, isn't it?

  3. So great that your whole family can enjoy the sweet baby girl! They change so fast! And with a big storm headed this way, maybe I'll try to think of spring and hippies, too!

  4. Abigail Rose is adorable! She is obviously thriving on all that family attention :)
    I love a simple and plain decor. Those roses add just the right amount of 'bling'.
    Happy Weekend to you!

  5. Abigail Rose is such a cutie.

  6. That is the cutest unicorn cup. I'm really into unicorns lately, maybe because I have granddaughters now. Hello Abigail Rose. You are precious. So nice that you got together with family recently.



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