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Baby's breath

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Sunday morning coming down

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My kitchen is for dancing.

And, on weekends in the cooler seasons

I almost always have a pot of soup on the back burner.
Sunday I made a pot of butternut squash soup

ladles full of it in mason jars to bring to work on Monday.

Lettuce, tomato and fresh carrots to snack on

tossed into a lunch box as well.


jammie toast for breakfast

with a soft boiled egg


cupan tae

watching the quiet dawn out the back window while I sit at my old desk

Sunday morning coming down and me sipping slow

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Keeping Sabbath

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Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart
be acceptable in your sight, O Lord,
my rock and my redeemer.
Psalm 19:15

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rhythm of home

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This is our home.

We live in a second floor flat in a big green house

 nestled in between two beaches.

The view of our home from Dog beach

and the view of our home from Short beach on the other side.


I have a dream

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the good

It seems as if we should be further along than we are.

Sometimes it feels as if we aren't making any headway at all.


the random

Even Tucker enjoyed the snowy weekend.

taking his little catnaps here and there and everywhere.

He loves it when we are all home together.


the fun

Kitchens are my favourite places to spend stormy snow days.

Sunday: beef stew
Monday: beef tenderloin, baked potatoes, salad
Tuesday: turkey egg roll in a bowl, rice
Wednesday: penne with homemade sausage tomato sauce, salad
Thursday: honey/curry chicken in the crock-pot, broccoli, rice
friday: date night
Saturday: leftovers

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Hebrews 12:14
Strive for peace with everyone 
and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord. 

I love when the word strive is used in the bible. 
The word itself doesn't mean to do anything other than to try vigorously. 
It makes me think of a way of doing art with toddlers...
"process not product."
God is not telling us in Hebrews 12:14 to live in peace with everyone.
He's telling us to try as hard as we can for peace with everyone. 
He knows that we will not be able to have peace with everyone
but he also knows that if we strive for peace, every moment, every day,
then we will see the Lord in every moment as well. 

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Family Friday

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I stumbled across the perfect duvet over the weekend.
Our bedroom gets quite hot so we needed something that's not too heavy.

I have put away all the Christmas and left the dining room

plain and simple.

In the early morning the market was quiet and unhurried

I happened upon some beautiful roses that were marked down for quick sale

They look lovely on the bureau with my grandmother's glassware.

My sister was here over the weekend.

She wanted to see sweet Abigail Rose.

We all had dinner together at my mum's house with my brother and his fiance

and Sadie as well.

Sadie used to be Holly's dog but she gave her to my brother and his fiance

when she had to move.

While I was in the line at Marshall's I saw this wonderful unicorn mug.

I really don't need another mug but I bought it anyway.

It makes me think of spring...and hippies.

Sweet little Abigail Rose was one month old on Thursday!

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plain and simple

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The dining room is plain and simple in January.
A vase of coral coloured roses graces the bureau.
The whale is a copper weather vane that once topped the roof of my mum's house.
We have the sea beyond the windows. 
Dawn and twilight fill the room with resplendent light.

And in the evening if there's company the conversation sparkles.

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