Thankful Thursday

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I am thankful for my sister who recently spoke before the senate

in an attempt to repeal the device tax. 

The device tax is a tax on any device used for scanning cancer victims.

My sister had colon cancer 7 years ago and last year it returned.

This tax is, of course, passed on to the patient, and the insurance companies,

who also pass it on to their consumers. 

Last year she wouldn't have been healthy enough to go to DC.

But, this year she was able to do it.

We are so proud of her for speaking up for those who are not able to speak up for themselves.

I am so thankful for her.


  1. Good for her!! Glad she is better now.

  2. How wonderful she spoke to them - how sad to tax the ill.

  3. Your sister is strong and brave! Keeping both of you in my prayers!

  4. You are on the right, correct? Your sister is brave and strong. I have not heard of anyone else who is standing up to this tax, so she is the one to maybe change it! How wonderful that would be. I hope she is in remission now? Does she live nearby?


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