O Tannenbaum

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The trees are at the Christmas tree stand just across the park 

from our house. 

It's like a Hallmark movie watching all the families 

loading a tree on their car and driving home to celebrate.


  1. That would be such fun! I would pull a chair up to the window with a hot drink. When we were first married, we lived right across the street from a cemetery. So you know what I had to watch all day!

  2. So pretty! We still need to get our tree.

  3. I love the image of all those little Hallmark movies taking place, framed by your window!

  4. That would be fun to watch. I can remember going out in the snow with our boys when they were little to get a Christmas tree. What wonderful memories!

  5. What a sight that must be for you!



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