family Friday


We came home from work the other day to find this strange dog on our front walkway. 

We have no idea who left it there.

Beacon hill is all dressed up for Christmas

and I love taking a little walk about after work. 

Four years ago while I was a student at the local community college

I signed a waiver allowing them to use my photograph.

Who could have guessed that it would hanging on the wall 

bigger than life all this time?

My daughter is now doing an internship here

and walks past my photo every day on the way to her office!

Ha! Your mother is always watching.

This is the snow person that we made in my class full of toddlers.

She looks a bit like a tourist whose been drinking on an island beach all day.

We are having a friendly contest with all of the other classes.

I was going through some old Christmas photographs and came across

this of my sister and I. 

I'm the brunette on the left. 

The only one smiling...I guess I've always loved Christmas.


  1. What a fun photo!! Actually both of them with you in it are!!

    That's a great pic, too of the store on Beacon Hill.

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas

  2. The dog must be a Christmas present, what an exciting way to give it. I think he looks very good right where he is! What a story about the college! Well, you have always been very photogenic. Love the old picture! Let us know if your class wins!

  3. "She looks a bit like a tourist whose been drinking on an island beach all day." This made me laugh --and scroll back up and look again!

  4. Love that great old picture of you and your sister. And that mysterious dog! What a puzzle!

  5. How fun to see your picture on the campus wall! Funny about the dog. Love the Christmas-decorated shop.

  6. How fun that your daughter gets to walk past your pic everyday. Interesting finding the cat on your stoop.

  7. What a treasured picture of you and your sister at Christmas. I love to look at old photos. Oh my, I wonder if you'll ever find out who put that dog on your porch. The little shop in Beacon Hill is so charming. Love that colorful snowman. : )

    Merry Christmas.



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