Thanksgiving day

The good, the fun, the random

We were at my mum's house for Thanksgiving this year.

I woke before dawn, turned on the Christmas music 

and started making pies.

Two pumpkins, a pecan, a Nantucket cranberry, a dish of roasted butternut,

and Bette's spiced party nuts. 

We had the boys this year which was nice.

Bonnie and Dan came with Verne which was totally awesome!

He loved having the boys to play with and I had brought him a special toy.

My sister Holly and her Joe came as well and  my brother Larry, who we weren't expecting.

It was a great group.

Turkey was delicious and everyone commented that all the fixings

were the best they'd ever been. 

After dinner the guys walked out to the park to play a game of football. 

Older now but just as willing to get together 

and jump around with each other in the freezing cold. 


  1. What great photos of you and your family on Thanksgiving. I love the one with you and the little guy! I made pies this Thanksgiving, too. My youngest son did the cooking and I brought the pies. Nantucket cranberry sounds yummy!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful day. I like the football picture! You must be an excellent baker. Even at that time of the morning!

  3. lovely. christmas music, pies, gratitude, and being surrounded by those we love ... and the beautiful waterviews.

    these are the good old days, aren't they ...


  4. Oh, how I miss those family games of football … but I am still enjoying leftovers from last week! Sounds like we have something in common - I won't listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving Day … I have it on Pandora right now! Thanks for sharing your family traditions with all of us at Mosaic Monday.

  5. What a delightful and wondrous day of Thanksgiving was yours! :-)


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