family Friday

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I got to see Verne on Saturday!

I have been attending church with my mother for a few months now...

since the summer time.

These are the front doors of the church in my hometown.

I've been to a lot of churches but this one seems like home.

Afterward we go out for breakfast together.

It's been really nice and I'm happy that we are getting to spend this time together.

Saturday was wet, windy and wild here.

I couldn't help getting some pictures of the sea and sky

as I drove home from dropping Joe at the train station.

Tomorrow is his last working Saturday

so no more driving him to the station on my day off!

Monday dawned bright and beautiful

I stopped on my way to work to take a quick picture.

I seem to be looking more and more like my beloved Grammy as I age.

Her birthday is coming up at the end of November

and I always seem to think of her a lot during this month.

I really loved her and miss her still.

I think she was younger than I am now when her picture was taken.

She always had such a wonderful twinkle in her eyes.

This is me and my dad from a Thanksgiving long ago.

I look like him as well.
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  1. You have your grammy's cheekbones and mouth!!

    That ocean pic in color is beautiful. We had monday off and took a nice hike....was such a pretty day....

    how nice that you got to see your grandson who is getting oh so big!!

    Happy weekend and Happy Thanksgiving

  2. I think you do look like both of them, maybe more like your dad. My granny helped raise me, and I miss her terribly. I think I look like her as well. Your Monday sunrise is gorgeous! You even captured a bird. Verne is adorable! And your church doors, wow! They are just gorgeous!! You live in such a beautiful place! I cannot remember where you used to live. And what is your job?

  3. I enjoyed your photos, as always. Verne is a doll, and his hat suits him! How nice that you favor your beloved grandma. I've been told that I have similar mannerisms to mine. I like that I have a little bit of her with me still.

  4. A visit with the grandson is always a fave! You do look a lot like your grandmother. Mins' birthday was in November, too. She's been gone nearly 30 years now, but I have fond childhood memories of spending the night at her house and traveling with her.

    Such beautiful scenery where you live!

  5. I always love seeing your views of the ocean! How lucky you are to live so near the sea.
    Verne! Oh my! He's growing so fast!
    Love those photos of you and your grandma. You do look like her.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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