Family Friday

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My sister and brother and I serendipitously ended up on the couch together

on Thanksgiving and my daughter caught a picture.

Over the weekend I started decorating for Christmas.

I had this old red table/bench and I brought it in to use as a seasonal coffee table.

I also bought an artificial Christmas tree.

It's small enough that when I host Christmas Eve

it won't get in the way.

I left it with just lights for most of the week because it looked so pretty.

I decorated it on Friday morning while I drank my coffee.

We had the boys for the long weekend

and Verne loved playing with them at my mum's on Thanksgiving day.

He was so cute!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Your Christmas tree looks pretty in the corner of your room. It makes me want to get one soon and decorate. It's so precious to see little ones playing together. What a treasured picture.


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