19 November

This is the day the Lord has made

19 November, 2018

On my mind

I've been going over the Thanksgiving preparations  in my mind.

What I have to make to bring to my mum's 

and what I still need to pick up at the market. 

What’s going on outdoors?

It's dark still as dawn hasn't quite broken yet.

It's going to be rainy much of the day

and in the mid forties (f)

From the kitchen

Egg roll in a bowl this evening 

with ground turkey and rice.

Right now I'm having coffee

Thanks and praises

My sister, who is receiving treatment for a return of her colon cancer

will be heading to Washington DC to address the Senate about taxing

the scanning machines they use in her treatment.

She will be representing her state. 

Joys and sorrows

I bought an artificial Christmas tree this weekend. 

I found a nice one on sale at Target.

It's set up in the living room...I know, I know.

We haven't decorated yet...maybe we'll do that with the boys this weekend. 

I've been enjoying the lights though. 

What I’m wearing

Jeans, a white shirt and a purple fleece vest.

I often dress in the Waldorf colours of the day.

What I’m creating

a peaceful life

I am hoping

for a happy Thanksgiving.

We were only expecting a scant handful of people

but it turns out we'll have a little over two handfuls!

We will all be cozy and well fed at my mum's house. 

I am reading

mostly the bible

These are a few of my favorite things

The beauty of Autumn in New England,

heavy waves,

my mum's creamed onions,

my nana's recipe for turnip,

my pumpkin pie

Plans for this week

I have a mid-term in a class I am taking for work.

A four day weekend with the boys...Joey's hockey games.

Trying to get up to visit with my daughter and grandson.

Around the house

I decorated for Christmas this weekend. 

I normally wait till after Thanksgiving but the mood hit and I had some extra time.

My mother-in-law and I used to decorate her house

just before Thanksgiving every year. 

She liked to have little white lights wrapped up in artificial greenery everywhere.

It looked so pretty when we were all there on Thanksgiving.


Remember to pray before taking a test or doing anything that makes me nervous.

I can do anything with  Jesus by my side.


For  those in California who have been hit by the forest fires. So sad. 

A picture is worth a thousand words

Tucker is rising after a bit of a cat nap.

He likes to sit on the back of the couch where he as a view into much of the house

and out the window onto the beach.

Our tree is lit but not decorated yet. 


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