the great pumpkin

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Sunday morning came in stormy.

The wind was howling over the Atlantic

and whistling through the windows that we haven't battened down.

All the streets were wet from the night falling rain

and crows were cawing out to one another in the wet and blowing tree branches.

Every week when I think about adding my post to

Make it Pretty Monday at The Dedicated House

I feel at a bit of a loss.

My desk is cluttered, my kitchen is old, the pillows on my sofa aren't plump,

I don't have a colour scheme.

The linky is titled make it pretty not make it perfect...

so I post anyway

and, as far as I know no one notices or comments.


Pumpkin on the hill (Beacon hill, Boston)

This great big pumpkin looks as if it rolled down from the top of the hill

and came to a serendipitous stop just by this tiny black door.

Very Halloweeny.


I was in Salem a few weeks ago.

I grew up in Marblehead, MA which is the next town over.

Halloween is not my favorite holiday.

Salem has become a crazy place for the entire month of October

and it makes it very difficult to drive through...

although it is almost always an adventure.

you just never know what you are going to see.


Monday: meatloaf, potatoes, green beans

Tuesday: egg roll in a bowl with rice

Wednesday: sausage spaghetti sauce and rigatoni

Thursday: apple cider braised chicken, potatoes, kale

Friday: tuscan beans with sage and rice

Saturday: ham and cheese quiche, salad, fresh bread

Sunday: beef stew


  1. The reflection of the lamp in the window is very pretty to me, especiAlly cosy with a storm blowing outside. That is a. Dry big pumpkin and quite a statement piece. We visited Salem in the mid '90's and drove by Marbkehead if memory serves me right. It's a small world!
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  2. That pumpkin does look as if it came to a screeching halt beside that sunken door. What a great picture!

  3. Your home IS pretty! NO comparisons...just gratitude for what we have. I fall into that trap every once in awhile and grrr it steals joy! Interestingly, I was just talking to one of my girls this weekend that I should try to "meal plan" again. I probably won't but your week sounds good. I'd just steal your plan but then I'd have to go to the grocery store and that is the only plan I have...make meals that avoid the store!

  4. I was glad to see you’re posting again. I always enjoy your photos and notes about your life on your island. Hope you get your hatches battened down soon 😊

  5. That is one hefty Pumpkin


  6. Your home is lovely and so are your wonderful posts. You always make me smile. The great pumpkin is alive and well! I visited Salem once many many years ago and I've always wanted to visit again. Wishing you well!!!!!

  7. Your pictures are lovely :)
    Post from the heart and don't worry who sees, it will all come around ;-)

  8. You are a woman after my own heart - if you look at "About my blog" you'll see that I am trying to let go of perfection and relish simple traditions. So, I say, enjoy life as it is! And now I do really want to know how that pumpkin got there!!!


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