29 October

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the fun

We live in a second floor flat at the end of a two mile causeway onto 

a rather tiny sort-of an island. 

Our house sits in the midst of a three pronged fork.

We have views of the Atlantic from three sides of the house

and can see very few other houses...unless you count the houses on the cliffs of little Nahant. 

Saturday we had a nor'easter..which is a big storm off the water from the north east. 

There was talk of shutting down the causeway at high tide.

If one happens to be out and about on the mainland at that point...

it means you can't get home till the tide goes back down.

So...I stayed home.

I lit some scented candles, turned on the fire, and puttered about the house

putting things away and rearranging things here and there. 

My absolute favorite thing to do.

The thing with our flat is that almost every room has at least two doors in it.

One that you enter and one that leads to the big front hall...which we don't use.

It can be a little awkward for decorating. 

I put our bed against the door and filled the doorway with a sheer curtain and mini lights. 

I have a branch hanging there as well and a dream catcher that my daughter made.

A beaded fish, a dragonfly, a few other things hang from the branch.

The window is westerly and at twilight 

the room is filled with the colours of the gloaming

and the little lights are so cozy.

Sometimes the most awkward places in your home become the very favorites. 



the random

Joe is Tucker's favorite.

It doesn't matter to Tuck that I was the one to choose him from the humane society.

It doesn't matter that I am the one who buys his food and litter every week,

or that it is almost always me who feeds him...

Every night when we come home from work

Tucker greets Joe by twirling 'round his feet as he sits to take his shoes off,

and curls up on top of him when he lays on the couch to watch TV.


the good

Monday: Egg roll in a bowl with rice

Tuesday: Birthday dinner for my brother at my mum's house

Wednesday: Apple cider braised chicken

Thursday: Pasta with sausage sauce and salad

Friday: roasted garlic spaghetti squash with spinach and sausage

Saturday: honey, curry chicken, fresh peas, rice

Sunday: pot roast with veggies

apple crisp

pumpkin muffins

pumpkin pie

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  1. Cats! They are so unpredictable at times, but we love them just the same. I love what you did with the "awkward" part of your flat!

  2. It sounds like you live in the most beautiful place in the world!! Your writing conjures up images of the sea, country, silence. I love your bedroom. And what a genius way to decorate the door! I would never have thought of this. It looks just like a window! Your bedroom is so light, gossamer, and inviting. Tucker is gorgeous!!! Do you let him sleep in the bedroom?


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