5 April

That favorite boy of mine

and his mother and I went to a plant nursery up near their house on Monday.

We walked around in there for nearly 2 hours!

The day had started with snow so we just pretended it was summer

and plants were blooming all everywhere.

I came home with three very interesting ferns

and a white geranium.


  1. His big eyes are so gorgeous!!

  2. Great way to spend the day -- at a nursery, surrounded by plants and best of all -- with your family. Your little grand is growing up!!!!!!!!

  3. He is beautiful!! I love walking around Garden Centers. And even better if you can home with something alive. I hope you will show us your new ferns!!

  4. I love days like that, when you can lose yourself in something so beautiful and interesting that nature has to offer... and you don't care what the weather is outside.

  5. He is such a doll! Who cares what the weather is when you're with him, right?!

  6. He is darling and those lips! Precious!

  7. What a cutie! I could spend hours in a nursery as well. It's like the Garden of Eden. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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