6 March


who is this then that even the wind and the sea obey him?

Mark 4:40

This is out of my kitchen window.

Our house was narrowly spared from damage.

(the good)

We had 3 high tides that were higher than they have been since before 1978.

Each tide brought more and more damage.

In addition there was driving winds so strong they rocked my kitchen table

and pouring rain for over 2 solid days and nights.

My neighbor was just interviewed by a news crew in my yard.

There are more houses next to and further down than the one you see in the picture.

Those people have no way to get in or out other than

to put on high water-proof boots, toss the kids in a kayak, and trudge through through the water

which is about 2 or 3 feet deep in the lower places.

(the fun)

These are not my pictures but are of some of the damage done to our tiny island.

The tides, though no longer considered astronomically or "historically" high

continue to be higher than normal and to throw rocks and other debris

into roadways that have just been cleaned up.

My street, and other areas in town, are draining very slowly

as there is just no place for the water to go.

(the random)

It will be a long recovery and clean up process.


  1. Terrible scenes of flooding and devastation, but despite all that you all just got on with it wearing high waders and kayaks! True Island spirit, well done.
    Happy Mosaic Monday, I hope that life returns to normal for you all very soon.

  2. My heart goes out to all of you, everyone who floods has my sympathy.

  3. Oh, that scripture is one I love. Be safe, my dear.

  4. Thinking of you and hoping the storm damage is easily repaired for all involved. My best to you!

  5. Yikes on the damage. Mother Nature can be most brutal.

    Have a blessed week. ♥

  6. Along with surviving the storm, and the damage it has brought, you have much to be thankful for in that your house was not damaged. Clean up will take time, but it will happen, and it will bring people together for a common purpose. I believe all things are part of His plan, even if at times it is difficult to see the good in them. Sending prayers for sunshine and recededing waters.

  7. What a wild storm! I'm glad you were spared damage, but as you've said, recovery for the area will be long. Deep peace of Christ to you.

  8. I have no words. The pictures say it all. Prayers for you and neighbors.

  9. Wow...we've had lots of rain and flooding but looks like you guys have had it worse. It's not by us at all, just some roads closed here and there. Too much rain so I'm hoping this is it and there won't be a lot of April showers.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribles

  10. So sorry you are going through this. Reminds me of Harvey ... water everywhere and no place to go. Stay safe!

  11. So glad that your home was spared, but sad to see the damage to the area. Hope the clean up goes smoothly and that the weather is kind to you.
    Have a good week.

  12. That was a bad storm. glad you are OK.

  13. I am so sorry to see the damage. I know it will take time but it's sad to see it happen. I'm keeping everyone suffering in my prayers. Hugs, Diane

  14. Your heart must be in your mouth wondering whether your house will be flooded although from the photos it looks as though you are on the higher ground. Good luck with the clearing up.

  15. My best wishes to you. The weather has been strange throughout the world lately. It's almost like the Earth is going through a change of hormones.

  16. The Bible is an excellent place for wisdom and Sparks! I am glad you are all safe.

    ​S​parks-2​2​ ​
    Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~

  17. An island has little protection from the elements - good and bad. I can imagine it was a scary time with the winds and 2 days of pouring rain - glad you are safe and your home undamaged. Good luck to all on the island during the restoration phase!

  18. Oh, my! I like your quotation at the beginning, putting the power of the water in perspective. Still, these poor people who have to deal with all the aftermath now. Glad you were spared!

  19. Kara, I am so glad you are okay. Challenging times for sure. Sylvia D.


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