the larder

The pantry floor is old wooden pine

Everything good comes from it's creamy white shelves...

cans of pumpkin, unsweetened applesauce, maple syrup... raw honey

baked into muffins on a rather chilly Sunday afternoon...

the kitchen is the warmest room in the house 

and it's filled with the spice of warm blueberries and vanilla.

I always like to have the makings for a few quick meals 

tucked away in the larder.

When time is short or we haven't been to market

it's nice to have a can of tuna or some crisp crackers 

to snack on.

Monday: Rib-eye, turnip, green salad, dairy free vanilla custard

Tuesday: Mushroom, bacon, and cauliflower casserole, roasted squash

Wednesday: veggie fritata, crispy parsnip fries with maple syrup

Thursday: Artichoke and garlic chicken thighs

Friday: zucchini tacos

Saturday: Shepard's pie with sweet potatoes and green beans

Sunday: Caramelized onion, apple and sausage stuffed acorn squash

I will also be making some paleo blueberry muffins and some paleo vanilla muffins

and some blender smoothies for breakfasts on the go.

Lunches are usually leftovers unless I discover an extra pocket of time somewhere...


  1. oh the 'larder' ... love this compelling, warm invitation, friend. and that you have your menus planned all in advance ... I usually open the freezer about 4 pm to see what falls out.


  2. ...a kitchen is the warmest room in the house in many ways!

  3. Wow, these sound like Yummy meals, especially Tuesday's meal. Your pantry is so organized. You must enjoy all the goodies in there.


  4. I love simple and functional and love your larder!


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