Auld Lang Syne


I love you

My daughters, step-daughter and my grandson.

Still laughing

I love this picture of Verne at his birthday party!

He's so funny!

Winter wonderland

It's been a very cold end of the year 

and I've seen sea smoke on the water for the past few days.


Verne turned 1 in October!


I was inspired

I was gifted an old doll house from work

and I was inspired to bring it home 

and paint it all up.

It's been christened  Christmas House 

and will be a holiday tradition from here on out. 

Spring fever

The warmer weather brought the kite-surfers out in droves!

They are so majestic to watch on the water.

Travel or vacation

 I didn't travel anywhere this year but I did get out to the

Beacon Hill art walk in June.

Summer days

A day in my life

I was able to take the ferry to work during the summer months!

I was even in the Boston Globe one morning

when they ran a story on the ferry service. 

All smiles

Jack had the best birthday cake ever!

Autumn harvest

We went up to Camp Verne a few times this Autumn.

Family or home

We finally finished the floors in the kitchen!

So love them!


My daughter graduated Summa Cum Laude in May!

Lets do it again

We went to the Clan Claflin family reunion over the summer.

We saw family that we don't get to see very often!

The littlest ones weren't too happy to have their pictures taken.


My daughter and grandson swimming in the river at Camp Verne.

She was so beautiful it took my breath away.

It was  like she was Pocahontas and all I could think of 

was dancing with all the colours of the wind.


The boys at Christmas time

My favorites

My favorite Aunts.

and my favorite mum

Don't ever change

My husband Joe

who is my best friend. 

Just because

I love this picture of Bonnie, Dan and Verne.

It makes me think of the Beatles song, Some day when we're dreaming...

Hopes and dreams

All of my hopes and dreams are for a healing year for my sister.


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