first days at home

It's been terribly, terribly cold on our rather tiny island of late.

Sea smoke has become a daily event.

I see it now hovering over the frigid Atlantic

as I look out the window toward town. 

Alexa tells me it is 0 degrees and isn't expected to get much warmer.

Tucker has found a nice cozy napping spot

on the rocking chair in the sunny kitchen window. 

I love having a rocking chair in the kitchen. 

A perfect spot to sit with a cup of tea and a good cookbook,

or comfort a sweet little child,

or rest your soul for a bit while waiting for a stew to come to a simmer.

It doesn't always have to be a grand redecorating that makes your home pretty.

Often, it's just noticing the morning sunlight 

shining through a kitchen window. 

 Monday ~Turmeric, chicken, no noodle soup

Tuesday ~Turkey casserole

Wednesday ~Salmon, broccoli rabe and kale

Thursday ~slow cooker beef and broccoli

Friday ~cranberry turkey poppers and sweet potato fries

Saturday ~Sauerbraten

Sunday ~leftovers... 


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