a season of hope

Yesterday was my sister's birthday.

Happy birthday Holly!

Wednesday Joe and I went to see It's a Wonderful Life at the movie theatre!

It was so fun to see it on the big screen!

We noticed things we hadn't seen before even though we've 

seen it hundreds of times.

It is both of our favorite movies of all time.

My mother's birthday was this week as well. 

She came over along with my brother and his girlfriend.

We had prime rib (her favorite) with baked potatoes and salad.

There was pecan pie for dessert!

I took Bonnie and Verne to the aquarium as a Christmas present.

We weren't quite sure how he would do as he's just 14 months old.

He was absolutely fantastic! He loved it!

He kept laughing and shouting "fishy!"

I think he would have climbed into the tank with them if he could have!

Afterward, we stopped for a bite to eat....

He tired himself right out.


  1. What fun to see IAWL on the big screen! A few years ago, I dragged my husband with me to see Gone With the Wind at a theater. I wish they would play more old movies like that. Such a sweet picture of your grandson. Happy Birthday to all the December birthdays;)

  2. Oh we love IAWLife too!! but our absolute fave and one we watch every Xmas eve (we own all the old classics) is White Christmas. probably because we are totally into musicals :)

    Verne is getting so big! what fun to take him to the Aquarium!! the last time we were at the Boston one my youngest was 5 and we had just watched the Red Sox parade (2004!!) on the 21st she turns 19!! Happy birthday to your mom and sister....mine was last Saturday!!
    have a wonderful holiday week!

  3. How fun to see that on the big screen! So nice that you can celebrate your mom's and sister's birthdays with them. That's so neat about Verne and the aquarium!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun for you this week! Great photos. Merry Christmas.


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