Notes from home

I was given a simple wooden dollhouse from my work.

It needs to be painted.

Over the weekend I stopped into the paint shop to pick out some colors.

I chose a barn red for the siding, a pine green for the beams,

and a light grey-blue for the floors.

I will begin the project tonight after dinner.

My grandson will be able to use it as a fire station, a barn, a bookcase...or a doll house!

Joe sanded the front door and picked up some primer as well.

I will be painting the door this week as well. 

I would like to get two coats of primer on by the end of the week

and the finish coat of Marblehead Gold over the weekend. 

I have decided to make some gift baskets filled with homemade goodies.

My mum will get one filled with breads and soups as she often

stops at her local market to buy single servings.

I will also make her a small bit of cookies and muffins.

I know she doesn't like to have many sweets in the house.

My daughters will be getting some of the same things

but Bonnie will get bigger portions as she has a family to feed.

I picked up a whole turkey for on .69 cents per pound 

and I'll be using that for quite a bit of the soups.

Also, my sister-in-law, is on a Paleo diet...

as am I although she is a bit stricter than I am.

I will fill a basket with all kinds of Paleo goodies....

It's very hard for her to find things that she can eat. 

I have started a wonderful bible study for the Advent and I have been 

gleaning much from it as I watch the sunrise from the window at my desk.


  1. Happy Advent! Your baskets of goodies will be well received I'm sure!

  2. Christmas baskets filled with goodies are the perfect gift. Jess makes homemade cookies every year for friends and family. Your soups sound wonderful.



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