Keeping Sabbath


Let love be genuine.

Romans 12:9


This was Laura Ingalls Wilder's biblical advice for getting along with people.

She was a very sensible lady if you ask me.


  1. rare in our world.

  2. I think you meant Romans 12:9? "Let love be without dissimulation." (KJV) Yes, love without pretense. Amen to that! Flowers with a weathered fence - so pretty!

    1. You are correct in that it is Romans 12:9. However, in the ESV version it states, Let love be genuine. Laura would probably have been reading the King James though. I happen to like the ESV better in this instance...normally I prefer King James.

  3. That one simple statement is so relevant today. Being genuine and authentic are being masqueraded as blunt and rude. So much of our world is hurting. Let us pray that they find the One who can heal!

  4. Is this Laura from Little House on the Prairie? I watch the reruns all the time. What a special verse today, thank you.


  5. Such a simple but profound truth to walk in!

  6. Beautiful, wise, and simple. Love it.

  7. Genuine Love....not virtual Love, sometimes Love, but Love with all the heart, mind, and soul. Great it.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

  8. Can't put it any plainer than that!!


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