23 October

I live near Salem, MA.

Halloween is a pretty big deal around here.

There is even a Ferris wheel set up in the middle of town.

Lines stretch around corners for a tour of the

Witch museums and houses.

It's just not my kind of thing.
I don't go anywhere near Salem until 1 November

when all the tourists and most of the crazies

have gone home where they belong.

At home I decorate more for the season of Autumn

(which is my favorite)

I add just a few touches here and there

to offset the over the top craziness

the fun

This cheeky little fella sits upon the kitchen hutch every October.

He nestles in among the teapots...waiting for a treat.

~ ~ ~ 

the random

October....one of my favorite months of the year

~ ~ ~

the good

in morning

just as the sun crests completely over the Atlantic

the Canadian geese fly up

from their shoreline resting spots

to search for fields where morning sunlight warms the grasses

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  1. I love your little pumpkin fellow on your hutch. He looks nice against the white dishes. The pictures of the geese is so pretty. Their honk is so loud, but I love when they come around.

    Have a restful Sunday.


  2. I would avoid the crazies too!

  3. I would not venture out either... but your pumpkin is quite cute! :)

  4. Love the cheeky little pumpkin


  5. Sure is a happening time there!

  6. Some very beautiful images here. The dawn one is a stunner.


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