Walking wild Wednesdays

My Grammy baked....

toll house cookies (never chocolate chip)

and Apricot squares...with a hard A

and for my father, mincemeat pie with hard sauce.

I've decided I am going to be a grandmother who bakes.
My pumpkin pie is already requested at all family gatherings
and the boys absolutely love my gingersnaps...
also, I will start making Apricot squares, in honor of Grammy.

~ ~ ~

And....I am Hopi.

Not Nana as it doesn't really suit me. 

Hopi for love...which I think it means.

and gingersnaps for the delicious way they taste and sound

and pumpkin pie for gathering close

and Apricot squares for Grammy.

And, I have decided I will be a walking grandmother.

Walking is the perfect place for chatting

or gathering thoughts...

looking for flowers, or colourful leaves, or seashells...

or teaching a small child who they are in the world

and where they came from.

so....Hopi bakes and Hopi walks and Hopi loves

Have you walked this week?

Have you gotten out of doors ?

What did you see?

What did you smell?

I'm going to put up a link so you can share and join in the link

if you like.


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