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31 August

One morning we went to the wharf....

keeping Sabbath

2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people which are called by name, 
shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face
and turn from their wicked ways,
then will I hear from heaven 
and will forgive their sin
and will heal their land. 

Toward the end of summer

on our rather tiny sort-of an island.

The evenings find us adding an extra blanket

and the mornings are chill enough for a sweater now,

as we sip our tea.

This morning it is rainy and grey,

the wind is blowing the bushes along the trail about

and the dune grasses are bending in the breeze.

The beach roses have turned from white and pink petals to orange hips

the bayberry and bittersweet are beginning to break forth.

Next week will be hot again but the school buses will be running already

and the heat will be but a whisper of a summer past. 

Seeking Sabbath




Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths,

but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion,

that it may give grace to those who hear.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am from Boston.

I have rarely been more proud to say where I am from.

We showed up 40,000 strong to stand against those who would

fill our streets with their poisonous hatred.

We drowned out their evil with sheer numbers.

Boston was 40,000 strong today....

We Can't Hear You!

Go Home!

View the Starry Realm of Heaven


Romans 14:19

So then let us then pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbringing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I live quite close to Boston. I work there.

I feel filthy to be as close as I am to the events that will transpire there today.

It is only 9:00 in the morning as I type this.

I pray that there will be quietness and peacefulness today.

But that is not usually the norm at these types of things.

I am sickened and heartsick and disgusted and frightened

to know that there are such racist, vile, Nazi-sympethizors so close to me.

I want to go into the Commons tomorrow with a pail and a brush

and scrub clean the places where their hate-filled feet touched.

They are Satan.

~ ~ ~

This was written by Norbert Capek while he was imprisoned at Dachau.

He died there on 12 October, 1942.

His name appears on a list of prisoners on an invalid transport

to a castle in Austria where he died of poison gas. 

He was raised Catholic but became a U.U. minister later in his life.

I've never heard the …

Wednesday's full of Grace

I have begun the habit of lighting a small candle at mealtimes.

Even when, as is sometimes the case because of my husband's work schedule,

I am alone.

The kitchen window is open

a sweet smelling ocean breeze

cools down the house of an evening toward the end of summer.

I say a small grace.

If I've been for a walk along the beach dunes or on the path through the wood
there are wild flowers in a jar on the kitchen table.

Tomorrow is another day
but for now I light a candle and say a grace.

When was the last time you got out of doors?
There is a link below if you care to share.

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on this day

After church and a quick stop at the weekly farmer's market
I snacked on ginger cheese, fresh peaches,
 homemade gingersnaps and assam tea at the kitchen table.
My neighbor dropped by to ask about the 
morning bus schedule.
We chatted for a bit and she mentioned that she loved my house.
She said it was calm and welcoming. 
Which is exactly how I like it.

14 August

the good

I stopped at the Farmer's market on the way home from church Sunday morning.

I picked up a winter squash and roasted it

with some zucchini, onion, and red pepper.

I added all of that to some seasoned kasha and had a really good dinner.

the random

Joey, Joe and I came upon some lime green acorns

in Marjoram park of a morning.

They are so pretty I put them in a tiny pottery plate

so that we can enjoy them at our leisure.

the fun

Joey has been having a great summer!!

Seeking Sabbath


You make the dawn and the sunset 

shout for joy.
Psalm 65

Spiritual Sundays
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Sunday thoughts

11 August

Saturday I went to a handtub muster with my daughter and grandson. 
Verne's daddy pumps for the tub that won!
It's a great way to spend a day with family and friends.

It was a bit rainy but when the skies cleared some
Verne and I talked about things little boys and their grandma's speak of.

I had a chance over the week to get together with a few of my cousins.

We went out and got a bite to eat and my cousin Martha and I had a martini.

We normally only see one another once a year or so.

It was a nice treat. 

Summer is in full swing now...

the window boxes in Beacon Hill are overflowing with prettiness.

It's cooler in the morning and evenings

and the sunsets and sunrises are stunningly beautiful.

I find myself looking forward to Autumn.

August 26 my step-daughter Ashley would have been 24 years old.

She passed away on 28 February, 2016.

When ever I see a dragonfly, I think of her....

actually, I am almost never not thinking of her.

There will always be a giant chasm wh…

10 August

Verne and his Mama
Last week I got to see Verne on Wednesday and on Saturday!
It was wonderful!

Walking wild Wednesdays

My Grammy baked....
toll house cookies (never chocolate chip)
and Apricot squares...with a hard A
and for my father, mincemeat pie with hard sauce.

I've decided I am going to be a grandmother who bakes. My pumpkin pie is already requested at all family gatherings and the boys absolutely love my gingersnaps... also, I will start making Apricot squares, in honor of Grammy.

~ ~ ~
And....I am Hopi.
Not Nana as it doesn't really suit me. 
Hopi for love...which I think it means.
and gingersnaps for the delicious way they taste and sound
and pumpkin pie for gathering close
and Apricot squares for Grammy.

And, I have decided I will be a walking grandmother.
Walking is the perfect place for chatting
or gathering thoughts...
looking for flowers, or colourful leaves, or seashells...
or teaching a small child who they are in the world
and where they came from.
so....Hopi bakes and Hopi walks and Hopi loves

Have you walked this week?
Have you gotten out of doors ?
What did you see?

7 August

the random

I went to the handtub muster in Salem on Saturday.

Verne's dad pumps for the town of Newbury and they won!

There are things boys say to their grandmothers....

the fun
Verne had the best time with this leash. He played with it almost all day!
I think he figured if his best friend Pippa had a leash...
he wanted one too.

Be who you are

I am humbled and quieted in your presence. 
Like a contented child that rests on its mother's lap.
I'm your resting child

and my soul is content in you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Verne and Hopi

So...I am Hopi instead of Nana. That's who I am. 
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4 August

Tucker loves being out on the porch.
He keeps himself quite busy chasing bugs 
while I am watering the flowers.
On Saturday we went to a family reunion.
We got a chance to see a few cousins that we hadn't seen in decades.
It was fun. 

I've been able to take the ferry work a few times this week!
It's so much fun!

My house is the big green one.
Joe watches the ferry go by and knows I'll be home soon.

I had Wednesday off of work so of course I went to see Bonnie and Verne. 
I am so in love with him. 

 We snoozed a bit in the hammock...
a gladsome way to while-a-way a summer afternoon.

3 August

Early morning at the beach
Queen Anne's lace greets the day

Keeping Sabbath

If we live by the spirit, let us also keep in step with the spirit.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Queen Anne greets the morning