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19 June

The fun

The boys went into the water for the first time on Sunday

They said it was so cold they could barely feel their legs....

I took their word for it...

The random

Mermaids on the beach at twilight....

perhaps she strayed too close to the seashore,

or stayed too long in the afternoon air

her head was turned round about

when the first beams of moon light reflected off the water

so she stays where she lays till the white foam

of the Atlantic washes her back to her home in the deep

 The good

The Tall Ships sailed by our rather tiny-sort-of-an-island....

It was pretty foggy on Saturday morning and I had to work on Friday

but I did get to see about 6 of them way off the coast

This is not my picture 

16 June

I went to the Beacon Hill art walk with my friend from work.
There were so many different types of paintings and artists!

Art displays were set up in all the little crooked alleyways
and tiny courtyards that litter Beacon Hill, Boston.
I walk there often during my lunch break but during the art walk
many of the gated areas were open.
Both my friend and I love this house.
As we were admiring the artwork set up there
we looked upward to see a random rainbow 
that sort of lit the sky for a moment or two and then was gone. 

The weather has finally turned toward summer.
Last weekend had Dog beach filled with kite-surfers.
Joe and I watched one from the porch of a morning.
He had his dog with him and we could see the dog chasing him
in the water as he sailed across the water and into the sky.

After the art walk I stopped into 
King James Church
They were having an evensong for Pentecost Sunday
The Choir was just beautiful

I finally broke down and went to the eye doctor.
I picked out a pai…

12 June

the good

a decent selfie....or at least I think it's decent

the random

breakfast for a seagull
lying all willy-nilly on the shore of a morning
the fun

Cutest boy ever!

1 June

little things Thursday

this little dingy washed ashore the weekend before Memorial Day.
Little Things Thursday