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Tuesday Tunes

U is for....up, up and away....into the mystic....

I love to listen to the music of people who have recently passed away.

I've been listening to the Allman Brothers all weekend.

I like to think of their body of work being played all over the world

as a lullaby rocking them up to the stars from down here on earth.

As if they if they could look back and hear the notes of their own music

and all the people easy now.

lest we forget

Where have all the soldiers gone, long time passing? Where have all the soldiers gone, long time ago? Where have all the soldiers gone? Gone to graveyards, everyone. Oh, when will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?
the random

It is my habit at some point before the Memorial day parades to visit the graveyard.
Here on this rather tiny, sort of an island
we take our Memorial Day pretty seriously. 
Everything is in pristine condition for the start of the high season.
Yesterday as I noticed this pitchfork at the ready
Veteran's graves decorated with flags
I thought of this song....sung, sadly, in a musical round.....

the good early morning sunlight on my desk...
it hasn't exactly been warm around here
or sunny....or dry....
but we did have a rather nice day yesterday
sandwiched between all the cold rain

the fun

 When the Saints go Marching In

We are traveling in the footsteps
Of those who've gone before
But we'll all be reunited (but if we stand reunited)
On a new and …

morning notes

Sitting on the porch of a morning in my faded old blue jeans
they're worn at the knee old school and the fly is tattered where the buttons are
but I like the way they feel on my my limbs 
like  an old friend you can sit beside 
and brush against 
without talking
 Air's  still a little cold - sunshine seeps in to warm my bare feet
Sky's blue, grass is green and freshly mowed
Waves are rolling over the stones on the beach across the street
Old Allman Brothers drifting out over the beach roses that blossomed yesterday
The music illuminates cracks in the overlapping spaces 
between the seasons of my life
where it's crimped and crooked
like a bend in the road
or my faded blue jeans
ashes to ashes and dust to dust
  all buttons unbuttoned 
all snaps unsnapped
sadness and sorrow
love and joy
and fresh mown grass 
and the wild beach roses 
 You're my blue sky
You're my sunny day
and I breathe

Tunes for a Tuesday

T is

I suppose it happens to us all as we travel through this world....but it is a whole new era for me...

this dying of the poets and musicians.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Chris Cornell's music until last week when he died.

This week I've been listening to him a lot.

ABC Wednesday

22 May

the fun

the weather was nice enough for Bonnie and Dan to take Verne

to his first ever trip to the beach!

He loved it!

the random

I've been listening to Chris Cornell all week.

He took his own life last week.

I've always loved his music and respected the type of

"famous, rock star" that he was.

What a shame. 
the good

I finally got a new pair of glasses on Saturday.

I also ordered a pair of sunglasses....

I can't wait to pick them up in a few weeks.

17 May

S is for....Summa Cum Laude
which is how my daughter graduated from UMass Lowell last weekend!
I am so very proud of her!
ABC Wednesday

15 May

the good My daughter, Hannah, graduated from UMass Lowell on Saturday! She was Summa Cum Laude!
I'm so proud of her!

the fun
We had a gathering at my house to celebrate.
My daughter, Bonnie (Verne's mum), my step-daughter, Kaitlyn, and my daughter, Hannah...
and of course, Verne!

the random
Happy mother's day!
This year is exceptional for me as it's my first year as a grandmother!

The good, The fun, The random