10 March

Did I mention the kitchen floor last week? 

We haven't gotten much further this week but will be working on it again this weekend.

I did start to put things away though.

When they come to sand and urethane I can pick it all back up again...

I can't have the kitchen all torn up like that -it was making me crazy.

I love the way the sunlight comes in through the windows.

We can see the ocean from the kitchen

I often watch the sunrise while I drink my morning coffee

and the moon rising over the Atlantic at night.

Oh...and did I mention Verne?

He's found his toes and I think he likes them.

I'm going to get this image put on a canvas.

I will give it to my daughter as a mother's day present.

It was sunny quite a bit last week

though we are expecting snow and frigid temps this week....

Tuck has taken advantage of the warmth 

that streams in through the windows for a bit of a cat nap.

 At work we've had a lot of people calling out or on vacation.

It's been crazy!!

I'm so glad it's Friday!


Willy Nilly Friday


  1. what a great gift for your daughter that will make! it must be so difficult having the kitchen torn up like that but the end result will make it worth it...love the sunlight streaming in and tuck really did find a perfect nap spot! thanks so much for linking up and have a great weekend!

  2. What a precious baby. That shot will make a great Mother's Day gift for mommy.

  3. torn up kitchen would never do - sure like the idea of a sun filled windows, sipping morning coffee, watching an ocean . . . nice thought

  4. Very sweet picture of the little boy!

  5. Love visiting and seeing Verne and Tuck! Progress on your kitchen floor. Beautiful light in your kitchen. Have a fun filled weekend!

  6. What a cute photo of Verne! That will make a nice present on canvas. Tuck looks so cozy. I could use a catnap myself just now. That can be so disruptive to have work going on in the kitchen - hope it gets wrapped up for your soon.

  7. oh what a perfect picture for a canvas and even more
    erfect for a Mothers Day gift!!

    LOVE your sunny kitchen spot. and love how you have so many cute teapots displayed!

    happy weekend....stay warm!

  8. Oh how cute your grandson is and your cat looks very comfy. Hope you get the floor finished soon and can return to normal.

  9. Yes, it is always good when it's Friday! I hope you had a relaxing weekend. Stay warm in all that snow you are supposed to be getting.
    Adorable photo of Verne!

  10. I wish I could join Tuck in that warm, cozy cat nap! This time change weekend is killing me! I'm always amazed at baby's flexibility! That will make a cute print!


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